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D/F MACHINE SPECIALTIES is a manufacturer of American made MIG (GMAW) Welding Guns & TIG (GTAW) Welding Torches for robotic and welding automation equipment, welding products, consumables and accessories. Family owned and operated since 1966, D/F is a world leader in the design, development, and manufacturer of welding torches and welding guns. D/F Machine Specialties genuine American torch tips and nozzles deliver the performance and reliability you need to minimize your production costs while maximizing welding efficiencies! D/F manufactures its own full line of genuine D/F welding parts and welding consumables including water-cooled & air-cooled torches, semi-automatic, handheld, automatic & robotic torches, tandem, open-arc, gasless & submerged arc (sub arc), hardbanding and overlay welding torches, automated torch heads, leads, welding guns and machine barrels. D/F has its own line of Miller, Linde, ESAB, Lincoln, OTC, Fronius, Tweco, Mavrix, Profax, American Torch Tip, EURO & Welding Alloys wire feeder adapters & power pins enabling D/F torches to be retrofitted to any welding automation application. D/F also manufactures robotic mounting arms, torch mounting brackets, Utility Stations, contact tips, current tips, MIG tips, torch tip, welding tips, gas nozzles, MIG nozzles, TIG nozzles, welding nozzles, gas cups, casings, conduits, Euro-Connectors, Rumble Robot Safety Mounts, hoses, liners, and inlets. Read more...
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D/F MIG Water-Cooled Tandem Machine Barrel
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Water-Cooled Gasless Overlay Machine Barrel
D/F Water-Cooled ID Bore Torches
D/F Curved or Straight Water-Cooled LRN
D/F MIG Water-Cooled Tandem Machine Barrel
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D/F Machine Specialties is a family-owned and operated company that has been committed to producing American made welding products with American made materials for the last 45 years, and has been the innovator of all of its products. Quality and service are surpassed by no one. This attention to detail transfers to the customers receiving the finest American made welding products available on the market today. D/F's MIG (Gas Metal Arc Welding) & TIG (Gas Tungsten Arc Welding) torches have been used exclusively with welding automation equipment by Lincoln Electric, Miller Electric, Linde/ESAB, Victor, Thermadyne, Thermal Arc, Pandjiris, Bug-O Systems, Ogden Welding Systems, and Welding Alloys for over 45 years. For hard automation, high deposition, and large wire diameters that require preheat and high amperages, a D/F heavy duty water-cooled weld automation torch is ideal for wear resistance and has been used for open arc mechanized cladding applications for multi-surfacing and rebuilding applications, metal build up, hardfacing, hardbanding and metal spray applications.

D/F is a leading provider of welding guns and welding torches for aluminum trailer manufacturing and heavy steel fabrication in a wide range of industries, ideal for single-head overlay machines or multiple-head machines used with hardfacing and pipe forming applications. D/F Machine Specialties genuine American torch tips and nozzles deliver the performance and reliability you need to minimize your production costs while maximizing welding efficiencies for your automated welding systems! Since the inception of robots in welding, D/F's robotic torches have been used on all robotic manufacturers' equipment including Fanuc, ABB, Motoman and Panasonic robots. D/F is a lifelong member of the AWS (American Welding Society), and has had MIG and TIG innovations consistently featured in the Welding Journal.

Whatever manufacturing industry you are in - whether automotive, aerospace, agriculture, construction, fabrication, railroad or cryogenics; whether you use MIG, TIG, Air Cooled or Water Cooled, hand held, fixed automation or robotics; whether your job is aluminum, steel, stainless steel, hard, cored, flux cored, stellite or inconel wire - we are ready to help with your welding applications.

D/F MACHINE SPECIALTIES is a distributor-friendly organization, and would like to thank Airgas, Praxair, and all of its MIG & TIG welding distributors for their help. D/F proudly supports the welding education community and offers programs to promote and assist welding instructors. Ask about our educational discount.

MIG Contact Tips MIG
Contact Tips
Lincoln NA5, Power Feed 10, LF-72, LF-74, LN7, LN8, Miller & Esab Feeder Adapters Wire Feeder
D/F Mounting Arms Mounting Arms
Nozzle Thread Chaser Taps Nozzle Thread
Chaser Taps
wrench_button Contact Tip
MIG & TIG Gas Nozzles MIG & TIG
Gas Nozzles
Casings/Conduits Casings/
Utility Stations Utility
D/F Mounting Brackets Mounting Brackets
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