D/F Machine Specialties will showcase several new heavy-duty automated and robotic MIG & TIG welding products at the FABTECH Canada 2012 Welding Show at the Toronto Congress Centre March 20-22. Look for D/F in booth 2118.

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D/F is a world leader in the design, development, and manufacture of American made "MIG" (GMAW) & "TIG" (GTAW) torches for robotic and welding automation equipment, welding products, consumables and accessories.

D/F Machine Specialties to Feature Latest Welding Innovations at the FABTECH Canada 2012 Welding Show

D/F Machine Specialties will attend the 2012 FABTECH Canada Welding Show at the Toronto Congress Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada from March 20th through 22nd. Located in Booth 2118, D/F will have on-hand its NEW Water-Cooled 750 amp Straight and Mini-Curved Gasless Overlay Machine Barrels, its NEW Remote/Direct Mounted 600 Amp Water-Cooled “TIG” Machine Barrel, its new Tandem Wire Water-Cooled 1200 amp High Current Machine Barrel, its new versatile Robotic/Automatic Water-Cooled 600 Amp Straight or Curved interchangeable Machine Barrel, and its new versatile Robotic/Automatic Water-Cooled-to-the-Tip 750/850 Amp Machine Barrel.

The NEW Water-Cooled 750 Amp Gasless Overlay Machine Barrels are recommended for welding applications where production demands maximum durability and quality for mechanized or robotic welding. It is available in two versions: a Curved Mini and a Long Straight. Both versions are for wire diameters .045” thru 1/8” (1.143mm thru 3.175mm). The fully Water-Cooled-to-the-Tip Straight Machine Barrels accommodate threaded current tips with a tip adapter, and the Curved Mini Machine Barrels accommodate slip-in current tips with a collet nut. Standard barrels are available with 2” thru 15” utilities.

The Remote/Direct Mounted 600 Amp Water-Cooled “TIG” Machine Barrels offer a concept with interchangeability of Models for Mechanized or Robotic welding. The Docking Spool® body is the principal component in the welding equipment arrangement. It accepts the utilities at the top of the body and provides a means of accepting the Water-Cooled Nozzle assembly at the lower end, allowing easy conversions and quick repairs. A NEW Optional Tungsten Advance/Retract Attachment is also available for this TIG Barrel. The Tungsten Advance/Retract System offers the manual adjustment of arc length or compensation for tungsten erosion during welding. It allows top loading of electrodes of .040” thru 5/32” diameters. The Model TM-CN (Ceramic Nozzle) Water-Cooled “TIG” Barrel has a current capability of 600 amperes. Tungsten diameters of .040” thru 5/32” are fastened by a collet action nut. The Barrel will accommodate 12” tungsten. Model TM-MN (Metallic Nozzle) is also rated at 600 amperes. It also has the same tungsten range and lengths as the Model TM-CN. Model conversion can simply be made by applying the proper items required.

The D/F Machine Specialties specially designed high amperage MIG Water Cooled Tandem welding torch is a critical component of the Tandem welding system, engineered with specific spacing and alignment of two contact tips to achieve proper arc control. The torches are usually rated in terms of combined current flowing through both wires due to the demands of high amperage, high duty cycle production runs. This rating is typically in the 600-1300 amp range. D/F's patented MIG Tandem Wire Torch has been developed for heavy-duty welding, where the requirements relating to heavy-duty applications and long welding times are rigorous. The D/F tandem wire welding torch is designed to provide excellent cooling of the nozzle, gas cup, body and the current tips. Two wire electrodes electrically insulated from one another must run through a common gas nozzle and share a common welding torch. Efficient cooling of the round shaped tandem gas cup prevents welding spatter easily sticking to the gas cup. The separate water-cooling of the nozzle reduces spatter and prolongs gas cup life. Because a lot of heat is generated in the tandem process it must be subsequently dissipated all the way to the front area of the contact tubes. Each body assembly is also separately water-cooled ensuring tip life and arc stability. The insulation of the two separate tandem torch inner bodies of the single common torch is done according to existing D/F standards, guaranteeing no electric flash-over between the two electric systems. The distance between the tandem contact tips (the wires) can vary by removing the body screws of one or both of the inner bodies. This allows rotation of each inner body increasing or decreasing the distance between the two welding wires. The D/F Tandem Torch inner bodies can be either straight or bent to desired degrees to help achieve different center-point distances between the two tandem contact tips and are easily changeable.

The NEW versatile Robotic/Automatic Water-Cooled 600 Amp Straight or Curved interchangeable Machine Barrel Models NCM/LRN (Slip-In Tip) & HTM/LRN (Threaded Tip) can be used for a wide range of applications. The Machine Barrels may be applied to either a Remote or Direct Mount Docking Spool®. The standard angles include 22°, 35°, 45°, and 60°, and special lengths and angles are available and may be made to suit individual requirements.

The NEW versatile Robotic/Automatic Water-Cooled-to-the-Tip 850 Amp Machine Barrel Models NCM (Slip-In Tip) & HTM (Threaded Tip) can be used for a wide range of applications. The Machine Barrels may be applied to either a remote or Direct Mount Docking Spool. The standard lengths include 5” & 8” nozzles. Custom sizes are available and may be made to suit individual requirements. Wire sizes include .030” thru 1/8” Hard/Cored and .035” thru 3/32” Aluminum.

For more information on D/F Machine Specialties Products, call (507) 625-6200 or fax (507) 625-6203, write D/F, 1750 Howard Drive, North Mankato, MN 56003, email sales@dfmachinespecialties.com, or visit DFMachineSpecialties.com.

D/F Machine Specialties is an industry leader in the development and manufacture of high-quality “MIG” and “TIG” welding products and consumables, providing products to customers all over the world. For over 40 years D/F has been an innovator in heavy-duty “MIG” and “TIG” welding and a contributor to increased welding productivity.

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