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NEW D/F Product Catalog

D/F CatalogD/F has released a brand new color product catalog! Featuring the most popular D/F MIG & TIG welding equipment, accessories and consumables, the catalog will cater to your informational and ordering needs.

You can request your own free copy of the catalog in two ways:

1. Email D/F at sales@dfmachinespecialties.com with your name, and your company's name and address of where you would like the catalog to be sent.

2. Fill out the reservation form located here.

DownloadClick to download the catalog in digital form as a PDF.

Detection and Prevention of Weld Cracking

Weld CracksOne of the most important aspects of crating successful welds is the prevention of weld cracking. In order to prevent cracking one must understand how cracks form.

Cracks do not always occur immediately after welding, and cannot always be seen from the outside. Cracks can occur below the weld metal, and can propagate from continued bending, twisting, flexing, heat expansion and contraction, and other stresses occurring over time.

The major cause of weld cracking is when the stresses internal to the weld overtake the strength of the base metal or weld metal. These stresses build up to a focal point and a crack is often the result. There are several signs to look for and methods to use to prevent and detect weld cracks.

Crater Cracks
crater crackThe weld pool is at its greatest volume when the metal is in liquid form. As a weld cools it contracts, and if there is not enough volume to overcome this shrinking, a crater crack will often be the result. It often occurs near the end of a weld, so one method used to help prevent it from happening is to pause briefly at the end of the weld to ensure adequate volume.

Longitudinal Cracks
longitudinal crackAn overly concave weld contour can be the best candidate for a longitudinal weld. Similar to crater cracks, longitudinal cracks occur when there is not enough weld material to compensate for contraction and stress, but occur throughout the length of the weld. Concavity can occur when voltage is too high. Lowering voltage only 1-1.5v in many cases) will make a flatter weld contour. In turn, if voltage is too high it might cause you to lose control of the weld bead making travel speed faster. This could also result in concave welds.

Cracking Due To Excessive Filler Material
cold lapCreating a, overly convex weld bead contour, though not commonly associated with weld cracking, can also cause problems. Convexity occurs when an too much weld material is used and an excessively high bead profile is produced. Increasing filler material also increases the stresses associated with shrinkage and contraction, and like overly concave profiles, if the stresses overcome the strength of the base metal, the weld will crack.

Excessive filler material can also lead to Undercut and Overlap defects. Undercut occurs when the base metal and filler metal are not properly merged, and there is a small gap between them rather than a smooth transition. This reduces the overall thickness of the base metal and can make cracking a little easier. Overlap, or cold lapping, occurs when the filler metal toe does not get cold enough to fuse with the base metal and just laps over, or lays over the base metal surface. This lack of fusion can cause the weld to crack away from the base metal.

In the end it is very important to detect and prevent weld defects in order to make a clean, strong, and aesthetically pleasing weld. The most crucial of these defects is cracks. Avoiding cracks is a big step in achieving successful welds.

If you have any questions about avoiding cracks and other defects, please do not hesitate to contact the factory.

32x32 logoPhone: (507) 625-6200 · Email: sales@dfmachinespecialties.com

We look forward to helping you with your welding applications!

Frequently Asked Questions

D/F has now added a Frequently Asked Questions page to the website! This page will be continually updated and added to in hopes of fulfilling the needs of anyone who might have a common question about D/F's equipment or welding in general. Please visit the FAQ page here.

Do You Have Photos of Projects? Submit Them to WIN!

D/F's new Photo Gallery showcases D/F equipment in action over the years, and we are constantly adding to the gallery. We want to see how our equipment helps brings out the best of your creativity and skill, or simply how your equipment is setup and used.

D/F Gallery

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New Products - Curved Robotic Torches

W/C Curved MIG Torches
The versatile D/F curved quick-change Water-Cooled Robotic 500 amp Torch Models NCC/LRN and  HTC/LRN can be used for a wide range of robotic applications. With the various angles (22° through 90°) and lengths available, a selection may be made to suit individual requirements. The composite modular design of the rugged, yet flexible quick-disconnect Model LRN (Long Reach  Nozzle) torches allow the user to quickly change the goose-neck or cable assembly while maintaining tool center point, assuring accurate repeatability and continuous precision welding.

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Nozzle Thread Chaser Taps

Nozzle Thread Chaser Tap
The New D/F Nozzle Thread Chaser Taps are designed to chase and tap nozzle threads to clean and repair them for better conductivity and contact.
  • Chasing will clear debris, metal filings and spatter
  • Re-tapping will straighten and clean damaged threads
  • Tap sizes available for all D/F Nozzle Assemblies

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