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Sneezer - Anti-Spatter Gas Purge System

D/F Sneezer

D/F Machine Specialties features an anti-spatter injection system. The D/F Sneezer will reduce and help prevent spatter and buildup in the gas nozzle, and minimize the need for nozzle cleaning. Among the choices for robotic torches, one of the best-kept secrets is the gas purge hose. The purge hose is programmed for use during the purge portion of a robotics application, and is used with an air blast or to inject anti-spatter mist. Anti-spatter mist injected through the gas ports in the gas diffuser coats the inside of the nozzle to prevent spatter build-up, allowing for a better weld as well as prolonged consumable life. Injecting pressurized air through the purge hose as an "air blast" also helps to prevent spatter build up. Instead of cleaning after six or seven parts, numerous parts can be welded before cleaning is needed.

  • Reduces and Prevents Spatter Buildup
  • Minimizes Need for Nozzle Cleaning
  • Cleaner and Stronger Welds
  • Longer Contact Tip Life

D/F recommends the D/F Sneezer - Anti-Spatter Gas Purge System

Water-Cooled Straight or Curved Robotic Torches

D/F Water-Cooled Straight or Curved Torches

The versatile D/F quick change Water-Cooled Robotic Torch Models NCM/LRN, HTM/LRN, NCC/N, & HTC/N can be used for a wide range of robotic applications. With the various angles (22° through 90°) and lengths available, a selection may be made to suit individual requirements. The composite modular design of the rugged, yet flexible quick-disconnect Model LRN (Long Reach 10" nozzle) and the Model N (short 5" nozzle) torches allow the user to quickly change the goose-neck or cable assembly while maintaining tool center point, assuring accurate repeatability and continuous precision welding.

  • Up to 600 Amps Continuous Duty
  • Available in 22° through 90° Bends
  • Various Lengths Available to Fit Any Job

Learn More About the D/F Water-Cooled Straight or Curved Robotic Torches

D/F Welding Tips & Tricks - Effective TIG Welding

There are many things to be considered that can make a TIG welding job more effective. Several important items are pointed out below.

  • The TIG torch should be positioned at about a 70-80 degree angle (100 to 110 degrees from the weld puddle).
  • Never allow the tungsten electrode to contact the weld puddle or it will become contaminated, and will have to be reground.
  • For the most effective deposit of filler material, the fiiler metal rod should be positioned at about a 15 degree angle from the weldment surface.
  • Use the smallest diameter tungsten rod to get the job done. If the tungsten is too large it could cause an erratic arc.
  • Be sure the material has no rust, dirt, scale, etc. on it to contaminate the weld. Also, be sure there are no air drafts nearby that might distort proper shielding.
If you have any questions about effective TIG welding, do not hesitate to contact D/F and talk to an engineer who will help you with your concerns.

Check out D/F's Automatic & Robotic TIG Torches .

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New Products

D/F Water-Cooled Kel-Melt TIG Torch
The Water-Cooled Kel-Melt (KMF) "TIG" Torch is intended for use with a Kel-Melt Sample Re-Melt Furnace. This heavy duty Water-Cooled TIG Torch is specific to this machine application and the tungsten inert arc process. The torch accommodates 3/16" tungsten with a tubular single collet design providing clamping pressure. This torch is a direct replacement to the unit used in a Kel-Melt Furnace made by Zeebac, Inc.

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