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Tandem-Wire vs. Single-Wire Welding

Tandem vs SingleThe tandem MIG welding process greatly increases the application range of the traditional single-wire process. Depending upon the application requirements, a single-wire or tandem-wire configuration might be ideal. The tandem-wire process differs from the single-wire process in the fact that it uses two independent and electrically isolated contact tips guiding two separate wires feeding from two separate power sources; almost like having two torches in one torch body.

When A Single-Wire Setup Should Be Used
A single-wire setup is ideal for smaller applications where the weld bead is relatively small, and where the weld cycle times are shorter, such as lap & but joints, and T- & corner joints. Single-wire welding will produce a standard-sized weld which is most commonly seen in many welding applications which require smaller to medium base materials.

When A Tandem-Wire Setup Should Be Used
A tandem-wire setup is ideal when the application requires heavy-duty, long and rigorous welding cycles such as welding construction & machinery equipment, ASME tanks, and pipe & tubular components. The tandem process will effectively double the speed and greatly increase the deposition rate without compromising the weld quality. If a relatively large weld puddle is required, a tandem setup is the way to go.

D/F Recommends the W/C Robotic Tandem Torch

Water-Cooled Gasless Overlay Machine Torch

D/F Open-Arc Water-Cooled Gasless Overlay Machine Torch

The Open-Arc Water-Cooled Gasless Overlay Cladding Machine Torch is recommended for open-arc mechanized cladding applications where production demands the maximum durability and quality for multi-surfacing and rebuilding applications.

This torch is ideal for single-head machines or multiple-head machines used with hardfacing and pipe forming applications.

The Open-Arc Machine Barrel is primarily for hard/cored, metal cored, & flux cored wire diameters 7/64" & 1/8" (2.8mm & 3.2mm).

  • Greatly Reduces Maintenance & Downtime
  • Withstands 700 Preheat & 750 Amps Continuous Duty
  • Torch Longevity - Years vs. Months

Learn More About the Gasless Overlay Machine Torch

D/F Welding Tips & Tricks - Aluminum MIG Welding

There are various things to consider when performing aluminum MIG welding jobs to ensure weld quality and consistency.

  • Aluminum wire is relatively soft. Be sure to keep the gun utilities as straight as possible, and use the shortest utilities possible to prevent wire jamming.
  • To avoid a cracked weld, fill in the crater at the end of the weld by momentarily pausing in the weld pool.
  • Oxides have a higher melting temperature than the AL wire itself. Clean the wire with a wire brush lightly, in one direction to remove these oxides.
  • Remove oxides and hydrocarbons from the base materials as well.
If you have any questions about aluminum MIG welding, do not hesitate to contact D/F and talk to an engineer who will help you with your concerns.

D/F recommends the W/C Pistol Grip for aluminum MIG welding.

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New Products

D/F Tandem Torch - "MIG" Water-Cooled Remote Machine Torch
The D/F Machine Specialties specially designed high amp "MIG" Tandem welding torch is a critical component of the Tandem welding system, engineered with specific spacing and alignment of two contact tips to achieve proper arc control. The torch is typically rated in the 600-1300 amp range.
  • High Weld Metal Deposition Rate
  • Wide Range of Torch Sizes and Tip Spacing
  • Lowers Production Costs & Increases Productivity

Read More

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