40869 Mounting Arm
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For hard automation, robotics, high deposition, and large wire diameters that require preheat and high amperages, a D/F heavy duty water-cooled weld automation torch is ideal. Since every application is different, we provide different ways of grabbing our torches to fit into any of these welding applications.

Since the inception of robots in welding, D/F’s robotic barrels have been used on all robotic manufacturers’ equipment including Fanuc, ABB, Motoman, Kuka and Panasonic robots. We have a full line of fixed or adjustable (universal) robotic mounting arms and brackets that will connect to any robot allowing you the freedom you need to achieve those hard to reach positions.

If you have any questions about how to mount a barrel in a unique way, need more freedom of movement, or have obstacle restrictions to overcome, there is already a very good chance that we have a solution for you. Please consult the factory if you have any questions about torch mounting.

Ordering Information

1 40869
Universal Mounting Arm - 6"
Universal Mounting Arm - 8"
Universal Mounting Arm - 10"
2 41645 Universal Mounting Arm - Tandem 10"
3 40536 Mounting Arm - Straight 5.5"
4 40820 Mounting Arm - Straight 6"
5 40534 Mounting Arm - 10°
6 40532 Mounting Arm - 45° 6"
7 40832 Mounting Arm - 45° 7"
8 40810 Mounting Arm (Binzel)
9 40565 Mounting Arm - 6" Arm Only (No Rear Bracket)

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