Customer satisfaction and customer benefits are the center points of all strategic contents.
The spirit of the D/F MACHINE SPECIALTIES personnel is to listen to and to integrate the customer throughout the process, to develop and design marketable products, to present prototypes, to carry out pilot tests and to prepare for and be open to new technology and tasks. We attract and carefully select talented individuals who share our values. Together we will nurture and sustain a work environment with two-way communication, training, mentoring, and rewarding career opportunities.

Commitment to Excellence
At D/F MACHINE SPECIALTIES we commit to design, build and deliver premium products and superior customer support to quality driven welding professionals. Customers still to this day choose D/F over competitors because of our responsiveness and flexibility. Customers will continue to choose D/F tomorrow for our superior hand-made products and service. To ensure this, we need creative and competent personnel in all business divisions, an intensive exchange of thoughts and ideas with all users, participation in working and study groups within the field of welding technology and intensive cooperation with institutes and universities.

Innovation and Quality
Innovation and quality come from being receptive and willing to learn from others. We encourage our people to be creative and take risks in the pursuit of excellence. Innovative practices are deeply rooted in every one of our employees, a philosophy that leads to continuous product development and industry firsts.

Striving for excellence is a commitment that is an integral component of the D/F Culture. Our team of skilled and dedicated employees takes pride in the excellence products they produce. Each of us willingly accepts personal responsibility for meeting our commitments and we hold each other to a high standard of accountability.

By remaining confident, focused, and persistent in challenging times, we will discover opportunity. Commitment to quality and the pursuit on innovation ensure that D/F MACHINE SPECIALTIES will remain an industry leader for years to come.

We will continually strive to be environmentally responsible and to support the health and safety of our employees, customers, and neighbors. We continue to support the communities in which we operate and the industries in which we participate.