Tired of rising prices, overpriced torches, out of stock or non-readily available consumables, discontinued torch items, obsolete items, long delivery times (3-4 weeks), and model changes or models being phased out or obsoleted? A D/F Machine Specialties heavy duty water-cooled torch is the solution for your welding applications! If you currently are using any of the following manufacturers’ torch models below, we we may have a superior replacement torch to help reduce cost and improve your welding applications. We are always happy to perform a trial and evaluation with a D/F torch against the current torch you are using. We have not lost a torch evaluation yet. Not only can we provide you with a better torch that will outlast and outperform the following torches, but we can reduce downtime, improve weld quality, provide customers with superior, less expensive consumables, and also reduce consumable usage. Please note that D/F torches are push torches designed to hook up to Lincoln Electric, Miller Electric, ESAB, Fronius, and Tweco standard push wire feeders. D/F torches are always in stock so there are no ridiculous lead times. We ship every item in 3 days. If requested, next day shipping is always an option.

Competitor Torch Models Replaced by D/F Torches:

American Weldquip®: 300R, 400R, 500R , 450R, 550R, 600R

Binzel®: Liquid-cooled ABIROB® W welding torches (ABIROB® W 300, ABIROB® W500), Air-cooled ABIROB® A welding torches (ABIROB® W 300, ABIROB® W500), VTS 290, VTS 500, ROBO WH 242 D, ROBO WHPP 242 D, ROBO WH 455 D, ROBO WHPP 455 D, ROBO WH 652 D, ROBO WHPP 652 D

Dinse®: DIX METZ 570, Tandem DIX DTS 500 (P), DIX MFTZ 52xx, DIX MFTZ 54xx, DIX MFTZ 57xx, DIX MFTZ 59xx, ECO.torch, LITE.torch, DIX MET 3200, DIX MET 3222, DIX MET 3245, DIX MET 3700, DIX MET 3722, DIX MET 3745, DIX MET 3900, DIX MET 3922, DIX MET 3945

ESAB®: ESAB ST-12, ESAB ST-21M, PSF™ 315M, HW-13, ESAB Aristo, Aristo RT

Fronius®: Robacta MTG3500 S, Robacta MTG5000 S, Robacta MTG 2500, Robacta MTG 3200, Robacta MTG 4000, Robacta G, Robacta MTW3500 S, Robacta MTW5000 S, Robacta280, Robacta300, Robacta400, Robacta500, Robacta2500, Robacta5000, Robacta700, Robacta700 Time, Robacta7000, Robacta W, Robacta Drive, Robacta Drive W, Robacta Twin 900, Robacta Twin, Robacta Drive Twin, Robacta Twin Compact, Robacta Single Pipe, obacta Pipe, Laser Hybrid Schweißkopf

Profax®.Profax 400 Amp AMT Machine Torch, AMT400, 64AMTN, 64SAMTN, HD450 Amp AMT Heavy Duty Machine Torch, HD64AMTN, HD64SAMTN, HDAMT450, 500 Amp AMT Machine Torch, 65AMTN, 65SAMTN, AMT500, Water-Cooled Machine Torches BT-600, BT-600R, ST-600, tak, mak, lak, amt, samt, hdamt, hdsamt, bt-600, bt-600r, st-600

Tregaskiss® & Bernard®: TOUGH GUN™ G1 Series Robotic MIG Guns, TOUGH GUN™ G2 Series from Tregaskiss, Tough Gun I.C.E.™, ICE Gun™, Tough Gun ICE™

Tweco®: Tweco Robotics Torch Body and Cable Assembly – QRL Series 400 Amp, QRL404, QRL406, QRA Series 600 Amp, QRA6, QRWA6, QRW6, WRS4, WRS6, QFW6, TAM4, TAM, RA5, RA6, QFA600, QFW600, QTRW Series, QTRW63, QTRW64, QTRW66

The various models of robotic MIG torches featured above are a heavy duty, low cost alternative, and a superior replacement to many of the comparable torches out there on the market today. These torches are designed to function efficiently in various applications, and they use slip-in tips or threaded tips. These models of robotic torches have standard size gas nozzles (7/16" to 1" ID) for .035" diameter through 1/8" diameter flux cored wire, and 3/64" AL through 3/32" Aluminum wire. Each D/F torch is fully assembled and ready to install. In order to make the installation complete, the code number, wire size, wire feeder make/model (Lincoln wire feeders, Miller wire feeders, Tweco wire feeders, ESAB wire feeders, & EURO Quick-Disconnect wire feeders), and inlet as needed must be specified when ordering. If special welding tools or accessories other than those listed previously are required, please consult with the factory. Get the right feeder adapter connection to fit your MIG wire feeder.