12111 Wrench


D/F has a complete line of wrenches for proper tightening and loosening of our threaded current tips, collet nuts for slip-in contact tips, collets for tungsten, current tip adapter nuts, and socket cap screws for mounting arms and brackets.

Ordering Information

1 12111 • All 7/16" Hex Threaded Current Tips
• Collet Nuts (11950, 18262) for 1/4" & 5/16" Slip-In Contact Tips
2 12114 • Collet Nuts for "BIG MIG" 3/32" Slip-In Current Tips
• Collets for "BIG TIG" Tungsten
• Tip Adapter Nut (11953) for MWCG Gasless Overlay Torch
3 12116 • Collet Nut (11950) for 1/4" Bent Current Tips
• Curved Nozzle Kit Adapter (13927)
4 12120 • Locator Pin for N/LRN Docking Spool
• Collet Nuts (11950, 18262) for 1/4" & 5/16" Slip-In Contact Tips for LRN guns only
• All 7/16" Hex Threaded Current Tips for LRN guns only
5 40531 • Socket Cap Screws (5mm) for Mounting Arms & Brackets

The 12111 Wrench for Threaded Tips and Collet Nuts

The contact tip is a very important part of the torch and the welding process. D/F contact tips do last a long time, but like any consumalble they need to be changed to maintain quality welds. It is important that the D/F Contact Tip Wrench is the only tool used to loosen or tighten a D/F collet nut or threaded contact tip. Threaded tips and collet nuts (for slip-in tips) should be threaded completely into the front end, tight enough so they do not move, but only hand-snug as to not damage the threads. When tightening, pressure should be 30 lbs., or as snug as hand-tightened. Never use another wrench or tool to apply more torque to this wrench.