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Del Moerke Jr. and his son, Steven Moerke, purchased D/F Machine Specialties Inc. from other members of the Moerke family and said they are keeping the North Mankato, Minn., business as a family owned operation.

The company is 40 years old, and specializes in producing MIG and TIG welding products and consumables.

D/F Machine Specialties Inc. (, was founded in 1968 by Del Moerke Sr., his wife Fern, their sons Del Moerke Jr. and Wayne Moerke and daughters Beverly Marshall and Karen O’laughlin in the basement of the family’s home in Lombard, Ill. It moved to a newly built plant in North Mankato, Minn., in 1978.

The company’s welding products include MIG and TIG water/air-cooled, semi-automatic, automatic, robotic welding guns and machine barrels, a full line of euro-connectors, mounting arms, utility stations, tips, nozzles, hoses, liners, inlets, adapters, replacement parts and consumables that are used on automatic and robotic MIG and TIG welding systems.

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(North Mankato, MN) • After 40 years of manufacturing MIG and TIG welding products and consumables, Del Moerke Jr. and son Steven Moerke have purchased D/F Machine Specialties Inc. from the other Moerke family members. Since this business will remain in the family, it will continue its long tradition of producing superior welding products and its reputation for outstanding customer service.

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