D/F Cold Wire Feed

34111 Cold Wire Feed Attachment

Overview and Ordering Information


The TIG Cold Wire Feed process is suited for automated and manual TIG welding applications. The system will accurately feed 0.030” through 1/8” (0.9 to 3.2 mm) hard and soft wires for mechanized TIG or plasma welding. Cold Wire Feeders use standard "spooled" wire for longer arc time, and eliminates stub loss associated with 36" (914mm) cut length welding rod for an increase in productivity. The welding speed is increased and filler metal is fed precisely and evenly to the weld pool. This allows even less-experienced welders to achieve outstanding results.

The D/F Cold Wire Feed Head will accommodate the Collet Action Slip-in Current Tip for quick and easy insertion and removal of the Cold Wire Feed Copper Tip. It can be used with the ¼” slip in tips for smaller sizes of wire, or the 5/16” slip in tips for larger wires. The casing and liner (purchased separately) is secured by a simple set screw allowing the user to either lock the casing in place or loosen it just a little so that it can rotate. Our wire casings are designed with a flexible polymer core for flexibility, or with a steel-reinforced piano-wound core for extra support and smooth feeding. You can insert D/F's full line of nylon liners for aluminum and inconel welding and steel-wound liners for hard/cored/stainless welding. We offer the heaviest-duty liner system available with superior durability and feedability for extreme duty cycles. They are available in pre-cut lengths of 2 ft to 15 ft (61cm to 4.6m). They are tested and proven to have the lowest friction in the industry and have a standard spatter resistant outer jacket.

We can make any length casing (conduit, whip), in any quantity, for wires of .030", .035", .045", .052", 1/16", 3/64", 5/64", 3/32", 1/8" and other diameters .9mm – 3.2mm). Please contact the factory with your needs for a quote.

For a complete Cold Wire TIG System, you need both the Cold Wire Feeder and a TIG torch with cold wire TIG capabilities. The Cold Wire TIG System works independently of a standard TIG power supply using normal TIG welding parameters. The TIG process is very good for automation purposes and applications with robots. As the welding power is not coupled to the wire feed, the deposition rate can be controlled independently from the electrical power and thus perfectly adapted to the welding task. In the case of an automatic supply a distinction is made between hot wire feeding and cold wire feeding. When feeding cold wire, the filler material is led to the welding spot without current and molten in the arc of the main process. The TIG process creates very high-quality, spatter-free weld seams.

The D/F Cold Wire Feed unit can connect to any Lincoln, Miller, ESAB, Jetline, Cloos, Fronius, or CK "CWM" series machines and wire feeders.

TIG/GTAW Cold Wire Feed Benefits:

  • High-grade, spatter-free weld quality
  • Avoidance of extensive reworks
  • No filler material
  • Automates adding of filler metal in TIG Welding
  • All weld parameters can be duplicated
  • Works with 2 roll or 4 roll feeders, accepts multiple wire sizes
  • Eliminates TIG rod stub loss
  • Makes fully automatic machine TIG welding possible
  • Results are consistent and high-quality welds
  • Thin to thick materials
  • Manual and automated welding

Ordering Information

Complete Assembly

Cold Wire TIG Assembly
(Must Specify Wire Size)
*Casing/Conduit and Liner sold separately- available in 2ft-15ft lengths*