Navigate the map to locate your nearest distributor. We are always seeking new distributor relationships, so if you cannot find a distributor located near you, Contact Us and we will help you locate a distributor closest to you.

D/F MACHINE SPECIALTIES is a distributor-friendly organization, and would like to thank Airgas, Praxair, and all of its MIG & TIG welding distributors for their help. D/F currently has no outside sales force of its own. D/F relies on distributors for product sales. D/F has a trained staff of inside sales representatives always readily available to help its distributors with anything they may need. D/F is always looking for new distribution. If you wish to become a new distributor, please contact us so that we can take the necessary steps to provide you with the correct tools to represent our products. When new or existing customers contact D/F directly, we always ask them if they have a preferred distributor to work with. Very often we already work with that distributor. If we do not, we always welcome new distribution and will be happy to work with a customer’s preferred distributor.

D/F MACHINE SPECIALTIES provides distributor discounts on the basis that the distributor (a) sells the D/F torches and (b) uses genuine D/F tips and nozzles in the D/F torches. The distributor is expected to represent and back up the product. D/F torches are priced 40% below actual value on the basis that the distributor will sell genuine factory OEM consumables, and that the end user will be using these genuine factory OEM consumables. Upon recognition of the fact that a customer or distributor is not purchasing other than D/F factory OEM consumables, we will remove any established discount given to them, and the price of the torch will be re-evaluated. Further violation of these expectations will result in the removal of distribution. All warranties and repairs are voided by using aftermarket parts in D/F torches.