Covid-19 Update

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D/F Machine Specialties qualifies as an essential business defined by the Department of Homeland Security CISA ( guidelines. We are a manufacturer of essential products in support of defense contracts, energy, nuclear operations, machinery, medical, food and agriculture, and transportation equipment. We will continue our normal business operations during the Stay at Home order issued by Minnesota Governor Tim Walz.
D/F Machine Specialties has followed and continue to follow all the guidelines laid out by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and state and local authorities. Our biggest concern is the health and well being of our employees, families, customers and the general public.
We are grateful for your continued business and support and wish you good health and safety during these difficult times.

D/F MACHINE SPECIALTIES® - American Made MIG & TIG Welding Guns and Welding Consumables.


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Water Cooled Curved NCC P-38

Water-Cooled NCC P-38 Curved Gun

  • Water-Cooled Inner Body & Nozzle
  • Small Frontal Area for Hard-to-Reach Locations
  • 360° Positionable Trigger Switch
  • .035"-1/16" Steel, and 3/64”-3/32” Aluminum

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Tandem MIG Torch

MIG Water-Cooled Tandem Machine Barrel

  • 1700 amps 100% Duty Cycle
  • Water-Cooled Inner Bodies & Nozzle

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Air Cooled 35 Degree

Air Cooled Robotic Weld Demo

D/F Machine Specialties® CAC46 #17846 Barrel Welding .035" by Vectis Automation

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MAC 400 Video

Welding 3/64" Aluminum

D/F Machine Specialties® MAC-5 17811 Barrel Welding 3/64" Aluminum & BUG-O Systems CWE-5

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Water-Cooled Gasless Overlay Torch

Water-Cooled Gasless Overlay Machine Barrel

  • 750 amps 100% Duty Cycle
  • Tip Life 7-to-1

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ID Bore Torches

ID Bore Torches

  • 3" to 10" Bore IDs
  • Up to 600 Amps 100% Duty Cycle

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Straight or Curved Direct Mount Torches

Straight or Curved MIG Machine Barrels

  • Quick Change - Short, Long, Straight, Curved
  • 22° through 90° Models Available

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D/F MACHINE SPECIALTIES® is a family-owned and operated company that has been committed to producing American made welding products with American made materials for the last 45 years, and has been the innovator of all of its products. Quality and service are surpassed by no one. This attention to detail transfers to the customers receiving the finest welding products available on the market today. Read more...