No matter if your torch is MIG (GMAW) or TIG (GTAW), water-cooled or air-cooled, semi-automatic, handheld, automatic or robotic, tandem, open-arc, gasless or submerged arc (sub arc), hardbanding or overlay, D/F MACHINE SPECIALTIES® can usually repair or refurbish any torch for less than a 1/3 of the cost of a new torch! Very often we find that customers do not have spare torches to back-up the jobs they rely on. There is nothing worse in welding than down time. If you do not have a spare torch to back-up your production line, we always recommend that you order a new torch immediately to avoid this potential down time. After you have replaced a torch and are up and running, before you throw away what you thought was a damaged and not-repairable torch, we ask that you send it back to us for an evaluation and factory repair estimate. All this will cost you is your shipping charges. Repair work shall not apply to goods that have been altered or repaired or that have been subject to misuse or used while any parts are loose, broken, or damaged or used with other than original D/F® parts which may affect performance and safety.

Very often, bent or crashed torches can be straightened, and if they pass the pressure test they can be repaired to as good as new. The average cost of a new torch (depending on model) is $600.00 to $1500.00. While the average cost of a repair is $229. Besides getting all of the damaged parts replaced with new parts, all D/F® repaired torches will get a new power cable, contact tip, nozzle, spatter disc, and body liner, and will be set back up to our factory specifications. Please be sure to always include torch part number, model name and number, and any consumable and accessory part numbers. We cannot set up a torch to your job requirements if we do not know the wire size and type, gas nozzle shape and ID, length of torch utilities (from the torch to the wire feeder) and the wire feeder and power source the torch is being connected to.

D/F Machine Specialties® Refurbishment Program:

  • Download warranty repair request form below. Make sure to fill out contact information, gun part number, quantity of guns, and reason for return.
  • Customer will ship welding guns back to D/F Machine Specialties® for evaluation & repair. It is important to return all guns complete with current tip, gas nozzle, liner, feeder adapter and hoses/cables.
  • D/F® will inspect guns and provide a written repair estimate for each gun (allow for 2-3 weeks for all guns to be inspected)
  • It is recommended that customers label each gun for each welder responsible for that gun and or weld cell for welder accountability. D/F® will then keep the label with the corresponding welding gun and repair estimate will be for that gun.
  • Customer will approve repairs of welding guns or the guns will be recycled (must be approved within 10 business days) by D/F®.
  • If gun is to be recycled; D/F® will either recycle gun or return gun to customer. Customer is responsible for all return shipping charges.
  • Upon receipt of approval and PO, D/F® will perform repairs (allow 2-3 weeks for all guns to be repaired)
  • The welding guns will then be shipped back to customer via UPS (up to 3 per box) We do not ship freight, parcel shipping only. D/F® is not responsible for any shipping charges.
  • D/F® has a flat bench rate for all guns sent in for evaluation/repair. The rates are $80.00 bench for all guns. The rate may differ for custom/specialty guns.
  • The repair will cost the bench rate plus the cost of parts for the repair to bring the guns back to like new condition, and safe for the operator to use. All repairs will be pressure tested and will receive new consumables (tip, nozzle, liner, etc.).
  • The use of aftermarket parts and/or consumables with D/F® MIG and TIG Welding Guns and Machine Barrels will void any warranties or repairs and result in loss of discount and re-evaluation of the cost of the welding gun. Aftermarket parts may damage or severely limit performance of D/F® Welding Guns and Machine Barrels.

D/F® can guarantee expert and reliable support after a product has been purchased. This means a high productivity and long service life for your systems. D/F® is fully equipped with tools, test equipment and Genuine D/F® repair parts to ensure that D/F® products are repaired to original D/F® manufacturing specifications. At D/F®, repaired products are tested to the standards as new products. Our repair personnel are employed full-time and their trained expertise can not be matched by independent repair facilities.

A request for repair must originate from a qualified D/F MACHINE SPECIALTIES® distributor only with a purchase order and accompanying Repair Tag. Use of non-D/F® Parts and/or Consumables with these MIG and TIG Welding Guns and Machine Barrels may damage or severely limit performance of the D/F® MIG and TIG Welding Guns and Machine Barrels, and will void any warranties or repairs.

Contact Customer Service at 1-507-625-6200 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to learn more about D/F®'s Repair Program and how additional savings can be obtained through repaired products.