Cyclomatic Magnetic Oscillator

Cyclomatic® Magnetic Oscillator



D/F Machine Specialties does not manufacture or sell the Cyclomatic® Magnetic Oscillator. Please contact Miller Welding for more details.

D/F Machine Specialties recommends the Cyclomatic® Magnetic Oscillator from Miller Welding

Cyclomatic® Magnetic arc controls can provide even heat distribution, prevent undercutting, eliminates excessive porosity, ensures sufficient penetration, and evens out the weld puddle for TIG (GTAW) and Plasma Arc Welding (PAW).


  • 8020 Control for single axis- System packages include 8020 control and one Single axis Probe assembly Single axis probe options:
    Model 4608C Probe with 8 ft. cable
    Model 4604 Probe with 8 ft. cable
  • 4608C Magnetic probe- This dual tip probe slips over a conventional TIG torch and can be used either for crossseam weaving or in-line weaving.
  • 4604 Magnetic probe- This single tip, water-cooled probe works well in tight clearances and adapts to conventional torches.