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D/F Machine Specialties features an anti-spatter injection system, the D/F Sneezer; it will reduce and help prevent spatter and buildup in the gas nozzle and minimizes the need for nozzle cleaning. Among the choices for robotic torches, one of the best-kept secrets is the gas purge hose. The purge hose is programmed for use during the purge portion of a robotics application, and is used with an air blast or to inject anti-spatter mist. Anti-spatter mist injected through the gas ports in the gas diffuser coats the inside of the nozzle to prevent spatter build-up, allowing for a better weld as well as prolonged consumable life. Injecting pressurized air through the purge hose as an "air blast" also helps to prevent spatter build up. Instead of cleaning after six or seven parts, numerous parts can be welded before cleaning is needed.

The DF Sneezer can be installed to any D/F MIG Torch and incorporates a mist purge hose and cable assembly to your existing gas hose. On a purge cycle, the check valve ball is initially closed until the evacuated system is filled with purge gas. The check valve will then open allowing purge gas to escape through the rear hose connector. This cycle can be continued as many times as needed to remove air from the system. In smaller systems a complete cycle takes as little as 1-2 seconds. The sneezer system allows high pressure purging with up to 100 psi.

The DF Machine Specialties sneezer gas purge system, an upgrade to the discontinued Lincoln Electric S23223 Conversion Hardware PKG-Anti Spatter, allows anti-spatter mist to be dispensed through the conductor tube and gas diffuser and internally coating the nozzle. The light film of the anti-spatter solution makes adherence and build up of spatter inside the nozzle more difficult. The customer can determine at what point before/after the weld cycle to utilize the internal purge hose system to apply the anti-spatter, the amount, as well as the viscosity of the solution.

We recommend an environmentally friendly, water-based anti-spatter compound to help fabricators weld metals more productively. Anti spatter fluids are designed to protect metallic surfaces against hot welding spatter sticking to work surfaces, welding gun nozzles, tips, jigs, and fixtures. Anti spatter fluids are safe and easy to use, concentrated, non-staining, non-tacky, non-foaming and produces a clear, dry-to-the-touch protective film that is easy to clean. Use an anti-spatter fluid that is highly active and does not contain oil, petroleum, waxes, silicones, nitrites, or any known carcinogens. Anti-spatter fluids are typically used and applied as received by spray or flow-on methods at ambient temperatures before welding. (Note: For some applications, anti-spatter fluids may be diluted up to 50:50 with water because of its concentrated formulation.) Anti-spatter fluid must be easily cleaned, when necessary, with water-based alkaline cleaners and is non-interfering with subsequent metal treatments such as painting or plating.

Caution: Please do not over use the anti-spatter for it can lead to other problems. Too much anti-spatter can clog gas ports and other torch parts causing porosity in the welds.

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