Care must be exercised when reassembling the hoses to the fittings on the inner body. Do not over tighten them. Before connecting a replacement interconnection hose (10974) note position of spring liner within hose assembly. It is mandatory to connect the end of the hose to the inner body water fitting using the end that indicates the spring liner closest to it. If the spring is in the middle of the interconnection hose assembly you must gently tap the spring all the way down towards one of the fittings of the interconnection hose assembly prior to bending it. The fitting with the spring touching it is the one that should be connected to the inner body. In other words the hose end that indicates the open space within the hose should be the end that is fastened to the Water-Cooled Nozzle. The interconnection hose assembly may be bent into a U-shape manually before applying it to the rear of the inner body.