The gas nozzle, which helps to shield the weld, often becomes filled with spatter while welding. It is important to keep the nozzle clean in order to avoid inhibiting the flow of gas and preventing your ability to weld. Using a nozzle dip or anti-spatter will help keep the nozzle clean. Similar to the consistency of jelly, a product referred to as nozzle dip can help prevent spatter from sticking to the nozzle. Simply dip the nozzle in the product every once in a while welding to reduce the buildup of spatter. However, don’t fully submerge the entire nozzle, you don’t want to clog the torch or cut off the gas, just dip the tip. Also, store the nozzle in the manufacturer’s packaging to prevent damage; if you toss it in a bin or other container, it may get dented or scratched, creating defect areas that can collect spatter or damage threads.

The following links feature various products for nozzle cleaning, maintenance, and prevention of spatter buildup: