1. Be sure the MIG Gun cable is arranged in a straight line, free from twists, when installing or removing a wire liner.
  2. Remove the old liner by first removing the MIG gun's contact tip.
  3. Pull the old wire liner out of the conduit/casing assembly from the feeder connector or feeder adapter plug end. If you are using a feeder adapter that has an inlet, the inlet must be removed first. If you have any problems removing the liner you may un-thread the feeder adapter first this will also back the liner out of the conduit/casing.
  4. If you know that the old liner is the correct length or is still the original liner that was cut at the factory you may hold the new liner up against the old liner and cut off the new liner to the same size as the old liner.
  5. Make sure you have a good sharp cut off with no material sticking out!
  6. To get the correct length of the new liner, insert the liner into the feeder adapter and feed it through the conduit/casing.
  7. Once again be sure the MIG Gun cable is arranged in a straight line, free from twists, when installing a new wire liner.
  8. Sometimes on longer conduits/casings and liners it may take 2 people together; one on each end to rotate and twist the conduit/casing to get the liner trough the torch.
  9. If you have any troubles getting a liner through a torch make sure you have a good sharp cut off, and if you have to you can gently sand the end of the liner on a belt sander. You can remove the cast in the aluminum liner by pre-bending and straightening the liner before loading.
  10. After the new liner comes out the end of the torch you want to cut the new liner off flush with the end of the copper gas nozzle or Cu gas cup.
  11. Now you have the overall length of the liner, you still have to take out the length of the contact tip.
  12. Carefully remove the liner one more time
  13. After removing the liner hold the gun end of the liner up against the tip
  14. Cut off the length off the tip plus the set back of the tip (1/8” or 3/8” tip setbacks)
  15. Now that you have cut off the length of the tip plus the setback you may install the new liner and it will back up into the back of the tip chamfer.
  16. We always recommend checking the condition of the insulation tube in the front of the torch and collet nut that holds the slip-in tip
  17. We always recommend replacing the spatter disc/gas diffuser, contact tip, and nozzle, after installing a new liner.
  18. Tighten the flat head set screw in the inner body, or the Allen set screw in the docking spool onto the conduit/casing to prevent backward movement or an unwanted pumping action.