Transfer Fitting HeightEach D/F torch requires 2 of the D/F Transfer Fitting part #40025. When a torch bumps into something or crashes, this is the part that is designed to break to hopefully protect the rest of the torch from being destroyed. We recommend having at least 2 of them in stock for every torch for extra security. This is also the part of the torch that transfers the water from the docking spool body to the water-cooled nozzle. The transfer fittings have to be set at a specific height (1.395” – 1.410”, see right), otherwise the water supply in the torch could be cut off, or the torch could leak. If the transfer fittings are tightened past 1.395” they can break.

ALWAYS use a LONG 3/8” socket when applying transfer fittings for support. At the factory, transfer fittings are set with a height of 1.400”. To check the height on a transfer fitting, hold the water-cooled nozzle in your left hand and place your pointer finger and middle finger over the white collar (like you are throwing a fork ball). You want to hold the collar down tight. When you know the collar is down tight, measure with a micrometer from the top of the white collar to the top of the stainless tip of the transfer fitting. The distance has to be in the 1.395” – 1.410” range (preferably around 1.400”). If a transfer fitting shows signs of wear, or is cracked or broken, it must be replaced. Always make sure there is a proper amount of lubricant/grease on the O-rings of the transfer fittings.

When you put the water-cooled nozzle back on the docking spool body of the torch you must make sure the water-cooled nozzle is pushed up correctly, and tighten the cone nut thoroughly so that everything is in the correct place and there are no leaks. There should be no reason to take apart the torches and wear out the O-rings on the transfer fitting unless there has been a crash. They will not last as long if they are taken apart and put back together over and over.

Any preemptive maintenance will considerably extend the life of the torches and their consumables. Download this supplement page for more details.