There are many reasons why a torch could overheat. The following are a few examples of possible reasons:

  • Running a torch beyond its recommended amperage rating can cause it to overheat.
  • Lack of sufficient gas flow (air-cooled torches) or water flow (water-cooled torches) will result in an under-cooled torch.
  • Using a power cable gauge that is too low will cause the wire to heat up and melt.
  • With all D/F torches there should be no power going to the drive rolls, only to the Utility Station and through the Water Out & Power Cable down to the torch. Putting power on the drive rolls will cause unnecessary power and heat on the torch.
  • Loose connections on contact tips, collet nuts, gas nozzles, water-cooled nozzles, etc. can all cause resistance heating creating additional heat that the torch might not be made to handle.
  • An electrical malfunction at the power source can cause too much power to travel to the torch.