D/F # 11286 Water-Cooled MIG Pistol Grip Gun Model NC-21 10 Ft

Water-Cooled Pistol NC-21 HT-21

D/F Water-Cooled 650 Amp MIG Pistol Grip Gun
Standard Pistol Gun (7/16"-3/4" Gas Cup ID)

Overview Ordering Manuals &


  • Water-Cooled Inner Body & Nozzle
  • 10 Ft Utilities
  • NC-21S - Optional Directly Cooled Spot Nozzle
  • Small Frontal Area for Hard-to-Reach Locations
  • Optional Curved Nozzle Kit
  • Optional Heat Shield

Model Explanation

  • NC-21 - Normal Duty Pistol, Water-Cooled Collet Action (Slip-in Current Tip)

Model Specifications

NC-21 650 amps @
100% Duty Cycle
2.5 lbs 5 pints/min 3/64"-3/32" AL 163WP

Barrel Dimensions

MODEL Length w/ 4" Nozzle Diameter of Barrel Housing Diameter of W/C Nozzle
NC-21 10.25" 1.625" 1.125"

Ordering Information

For Aluminum Wire

Model NC
(Slip-in Tips)
10 Ft.
12 Ft.
15 Ft.
Inter. 4" W/C Nozzle 11286 11287 11288

Each D/F Machine Specialties welding gun is fully assembled and ready to install. In order to make the installation complete, the code number, wire size, wire feeder make/model (Lincoln wire feeders, Miller wire feeders, Tweco wire feeders, ESAB wire feeders, & EURO Quick Disconnect wire feeders), and inlet (as needed) must be specified when ordering. If special welding tools or accessories other than those listed previously are required, please consult with the factory. Get the right feeder adapter connection to fit your MIG wire feeder.

Manuals & Downloads

Instruction Manuals

NC-21/HT-21 163WP

Other Documents

Torch Connection Options
W/C Pistol Gun One-Sheet

Utility Station #45196

45196 Utility StationThe D/F Utility Station is required for all D/F torch installations. Typical modern torch setups utilize a unitized cable assembly with a power pin. D/F torches take an alternative approach to the setup. The torches use a separate gas hose, water-in hose, Water Out & Power Cable, and casing/conduit. When one cable goes bad it is simply replaced instead of attaching an entire new unitized cable assembly; a huge cost saver! This is also where the D/F Utility Station comes into play. The gas hose, water-in hose, and Water Out & Power Cable are interfaced with the customer's existing lines via the Utility Station. The D/F torch leads plug into the front (see right) of the Utility Station. Into the back (see below) of the Utility Station go the customer's utilities. Read more on the D/F Utility Station product page.

For more information on proper use of the D/F Utility Station, and to see the various torch connection options, please download the Torch Connection Options one-sheet.

D/F Utility Station #45196D/F Utility Station #45196

Heat Shield #14525

Naturally, manufacturers and fabricators have taken a number of measures over the years to combat heat exposure. While intense heat can certainly be irritating for the welder, the impact is more than an issue of comfort. There are significant safety, liability and productivity considerations as well. Reflective heat when welding is very hot. The reflective heat and weld puddle that is present when MIG welding aluminum is even hotter. The D/F Machine Specialties Heat Shield for the MIG Pistol gun directs the heat away from the hands, significantly reducing temperatures. Unlike other heat shields, the D/F heat shield has a dual wall design. The outside wall reflects the heat and provides and insulator from the inside wall. It also protects the hands and the torch from weld spatter. What’s more, the heat shield is comfortable and lightweight, so it can be mounted on a D/F Pistol gun without sacrificing performance. You won’t even notice the heat shield is there.

Water-Cooled Pistol with Heat ShieldHeat Shield

Curved Nozzle Kit #13925

The optional Curved Nozzle Kit is available with a 55° nozzle that can be attached in place of the regular gas cup. The curved nozzle can be turned in any direction from the front of the torch. The kit is available with bent current tips accommodating a wire diameter range of .035"-1/16" for hard wire, and 3/64"-1/16" for aluminum wire. See the D/F MIG Welding Contact Tips page for more information on the bent current tips. Download the product one sheet for more information on the Curved Nozzle Kit.

Curved Nozzle Kit