D/F Water-Cooled-to-the-Tip 5" & 8" Sub-Arc MIG Torches

Standard Barrels
(7/16"-3/4" Gas Cup ID)

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The fully Water-Cooled-to-the-Tip Models NCM-W/C-T & HTM-W/C-T Remote Mount Robotic Machine Torches offer the same features as those described for the machine barrels above. These torches feature the 1.125" smaller O.D. water-cooled nozzle for hard-to-reach, limited access areas. Very similar in design to the Union Carbide Linde/ESAB ST-12 and Guild ST-12 but with improvements and new features, the D/F Machine robotic guns (Water-Cooled-to-the-Tip Torches) are designed to provide long trouble-free service.

The remote mount fully Water-Cooled-to-the-Tip Docking Spool® accommodates two (2) Water Cooled Nozzle Assemblies. This arrangement is readily adaptable to dedicated or automatic Welding applications such as the Lincoln Electric NA3, NA4, NA5, NA5R, Power Feed 10, LF72, LF74 Automatic wire feeders, Miller series power pins, ESAB, Euro and Tweco #4.

The D/F torch is famous for the fact, that if it is chilled properly, the welder can grab the chrome front water-cooled barrel (not the copper gas nozzle/cup) of the torch with their bare hand and it will be cold to the touch seconds after welding. With the proper chiller, this can be done even after a 4 hour arc time. Make certain the cooling water supply is at least the minimum flow rate of 1 gallon per minute (for each inner body), at 40 psi (80 psi maximum) with a 6 gallon reservoir and a recommended 30,000 BTU/hr cooling capacity. Gun ratings are affected by shielding gas used, arc time, cooling time and inlet water temperature. Water outlet temperature should not exceed 27°C (80°F). The torch’s water out & power cable is not cooled until the coolant has gone through the torch and out the water out & power cable. If water is not flowing through the D/F torch for at least 1 minute prior to striking an arc, when you apply the power and water hits the “hot” water/out & power cable, you will generate steam. Steam can damage the torches internals in seconds causing a leak. It can also blow out the torches water/out & power cable. A flow switch can be installed after the return line ensuring that coolant is present at the return line prior to striking an arc. When High-Deposition GMAW, high current density, high amperages, preheat, or extended periods of arc time are used, a refrigerated liquid chiller with a larger reservoir is required. Precise temperature control maintains the cooling at a constant 13°C (55°F) temperature, thus prolonging the life of the welding equipment and more specifically extending the service life of the gas nozzle and current tip. D/F Machine Specialties does not manufacture or sell chillers, we only recommend them. Click here to see our recommended chillers.

Each D/F Machine Specialties welding gun is fully assembled and ready to install. In order to make the installation complete, the code number, wire size, wire feeder make/model (Lincoln wire feeders, Miller wire feeders, Tweco wire feeders, ESAB wire feeders, & EURO Quick Disconnect wire feeders), and inlet (as needed) must be specified when ordering. If special welding tools or accessories other than those listed previously are required, please consult with the factory. Get the right feeder adapter connection to fit your MIG wire feeder.


  • Water Cooled Internally - Tip Recessed in Water Cooling
  • Water Cooled Externally - Gas Cup Recessed in Water Cooling
  • Up to 650 Amps Continuous Duty Cycle
  • Up to 850 Amps Continuous with Dual Power Cables
  • Adaptable to Any Wire Feeder or Power Source
  • Withstands Preheat Upwards of 900 Degrees

Model Explanation

  • NCM-W/C-T - Normal Duty, Collet Action (Slip-In Tip), Machine Barrel - Water-Cooled-to-the-Tip
  • HTM-W/C-T Series-A - Heavy Duty, Threaded Tip, Machine Barrel - Water-Cooled-to-the-Tip

Model Specifications - 5" Torches

WEIGHT w/ 5"
WEIGHT w/ 8"
NCM-W/C-T 450 amps 2.8 lbs 3.5 lbs 3 quarts/min .030"-5/32" Hard/Cored,
3/64"-1/8" AL
(All 5" Noz.)

(All 8" Noz.)
HTM-W/C-T 850 amps 2.8 lbs 3.5 lbs 3 quarts/min .030"-5/32" Hard/Cored,
3/64"-1/8" AL

Barrel Dimensions

MODEL Length w/ 5" Nozzle Length w/ 8" Nozzle Diameter of Docking Spool Body Diameter of W/C Nozzle
NCM-W/C-T, HTM-W/C-T 9.25" 12.25" 1.875" 1.125"

Ordering Information (Complete Assemblies)

5" Nozzle 40748 40749
8" Nozzle 40138 40155
Add Footage Digit to Item Code Number for Length Required.
Example: Require 40138 with 4 Ft. Water-In Hose Assembly: 40138-4

Manuals & Downloads

Instruction Manuals

(All 5" Nozzles)
(All 8" Nozzles)

CAD Files & Drawings

NCM-W/C-T 5" 40748 40748 40748
HTM-W/C-T 5" 40749 40749 40749
NCM-W/C-T 8" 40138 40138 40138
HTM-W/C-T 8" 40155 40155 40155

Other Documents

Torch Connection Options
W/C Remote Mount Water-Cooled-to-the-Tip

Utility Station #45196

45196 Utility StationThe D/F Utility Station is required for all D/F torch installations. Typical modern torch setups utilize a unitized cable assembly with a power pin. D/F torches take an alternative approach to the setup. The torches use a separate gas hose, water-in hose, Water Out & Power Cable, and casing/conduit. When one cable goes bad it is simply replaced instead of attaching an entire new unitized cable assembly; a huge cost saver! This is also where the D/F Utility Station comes into play. The gas hose, water-in hose, and Water Out & Power Cable are interfaced with the customer's existing lines via the Utility Station. The D/F torch leads plug into the front (see right) of the Utility Station. Into the back (see below) of the Utility Station go the customer's utilities. Read more on the D/F Utility Station product page.

For more information on proper use of the D/F Utility Station, and to see the various torch connection options, please download the Torch Connection Options one-sheet.

D/F Utility Station #45196D/F Utility Station #45196

Torch Rack #30418 and Rack Mount

An optional D/F Torch Rack #30418 can be used on any torch with an 8" long, 1.125" diameter water-cooled nozzle. The rack slips right over the water-cooled nozzle and is secured with 4 set screws. The rack can then be dropped into a BUG-O BUG-5188 Rack Holder. The rack has a 32 pitch gear, and with the rack holder makes torch head positioning very easy. See the images below right. See the Torch and Rack Mount product page for more information

For more information on proper use of the D/F Utility Station, and to see the various torch connection options, please download the Torch Connection Options one-sheet.

D/F Torch RackD/F Torch Rack

D/F #30421 Sub-Arc Attachment

The D/F Water-Cooled-to-the-Tip Machine Barrels used with the D/F Submerged Arc Attachment are the industry's most advanced sub-arc torches for mobile, hard automation, and robotic feeding equipment, and will help achieve new levels of welding performance and operational efficency. Whether your application is bridge decking, pressure vessels, panel line, seamers, pipe mill integrator solutions, or submerged arc robotic welding, the D/F sub arc choices are designed to improve weld quality, reduce welding and operational costs, and increase weld team productivity.

Subarc Attachment